Being There

The sunrise on Sunday morning at Edisto Beach. Happy Sunday!

7:30 a.m., Edisto Beach, South Carolina

I am writing this from Edisto Beach, South Carolina, where my family and I have been on vacation. This will likely be a short post! More like a postcard...

But I'm watching the sun rise over the Atlantic. First, it was pitch black, then the sky grew softly pink, then the sun, a ball of red, inched above the silver waves. Now it is fully dawn, and the sun is starting to climb the sky, leaving a a bright, shining trail across the water.

My nephew and his mother look
for shells on a nearby island. 
This trip has been wonderful. It is such a joy to get out in the warmth and the light, to break free of the snow and cold of Michigan winters. When we left Detroit, Michigan was going through a warm spell... 45 degrees. Here, it got to 80.

Like the crazed Yankees we are, we jumped in the Atlantic. The water wasn't too cold, but the waves were fierce! I got knocked down, so I ended up hugging the shore, but my brothers and sister-in-law, who are stronger swimmers, went out farther, and my brothers yesterday were even throwing a football in the water. Our South Carolina relatives looked on and laughed at us. 

Everybody made such an effort to get here. My brother and sister-in-law and their five year-old son arrived Saturday. My twin brother flew in on Friday. They all left yesterday, and the rental house was much quieter -- suddenly, a bit lonely. But we have been spending time with my parents and grandmother and our South Carolina relatives, just enjoying each other's company.

And that brings me to the point of this little postcard... family. I have been blessed with a family where members show up for each other, on more than just vacations. I've benefited from this, as family members show up for me. in sickness and in health.

Do we sometimes need to be patient with each other as a family? Of course.
My twin brother walks the beach at Botany Bay, Edisto
Sometimes, I struggle with this... Patience is not my forte! But are we there for each  other? Yes. Absolutely.

Now that I am healthy, I have an opportunity to give back, to be there for the older members of my family. This is the cycle that God gives us, each family member stepping in when they are able.

Know that you, too, have an opportunity to step up and give back, to enter into the cycle of relationships, whether it is with friends or family, coworkers or co-volunteers.

Put down your own "stuff" for a moment, and take the time to be with someone, listening to them and responding to them. Your "stuff" will always be waiting for you.

My "stuff" awaits me, but at the moment, there is the slow time of vacation with my parents and 92 year-old grandmother. I will be there.



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