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Being There

7:30 a.m., Edisto Beach, South Carolina

I am writing this from Edisto Beach, South Carolina, where my family and I have been on vacation. This will likely be a short post! More like a postcard...

But I'm watching the sun rise over the Atlantic. First, it was pitch black, then the sky grew softly pink, then the sun, a ball of red, inched above the silver waves. Now it is fully dawn, and the sun is starting to climb the sky, leaving a a bright, shining trail across the water.

This trip has been wonderful. It is such a joy to get out in the warmth and the light, to break free of the snow and cold of Michigan winters. When we left Detroit, Michigan was going through a warm spell... 45 degrees. Here, it got to 80.

Like the crazed Yankees we are, we jumped in the Atlantic. The water wasn't too cold, but the waves were fierce! I got knocked down, so I ended up hugging the shore, but my brothers and sister-in-law, who are stronger swimmers, went out farther, and my brothers yesterday…

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